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Depuis le premier moteur de deux-roues créé en 1950, Kawasaki a toujours eu pour objectif le développement de nouvelles technologies afin de repousser encore plus loin les limites de ses moteurs ultra-performants. Aujourd’hui, nos motos sont composées de technologies Kawasaki qui ont évolué tout au long de notre longue histoire.

KLCM - Kawasaki Launch Control Mode

KLCM (Kawasaki Launch Control Mode) optimises acceleration from a stop by electronically managing engine output to prevent wheelspin.

Designed to assist riders by optimising acceleration from a stop, KLCM electronically manages engine output to prevent wheelspin when moving off.  Riders can choose from three modes, each offering a progressively greater level of intrusion.  Each mode allows the rider to leave from a stop with the throttle held wide open.  With the clutch lever pulled in and the system activated, engine speed is limited to a determined speed while the rider holds the throttle open. Once the rider releases the clutch lever to engage the clutch, engine speed is allowed to increase, but power is regulated to prevent wheelspin and help keep the front wheel on the ground.  (In Mode 1, the least intrusive, the front wheel may lift a little.)  The system disengages automatically at 150 km/h or when the rider shifts into 3rd gear.